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"Moments in Love: Out of Turmoil," a The Mentalist fanfic by Entwife Incognito | FanFiction


The course of love is not rosy just because it is deep and true. People make mistakes, sometimes devastating ones. Patrick breaks a promise and despairs. Teresa’s feelings are so strong they surprise and overwhelm her. 1-shot. Pretty angsty at first. Warning! Adult sexual situations. If you don’t like that stuff, then don’t read this. Disclaimer: I own nothing about The Mentalist.

A/N Prompts from Anonymous and Isabel on Tumblr got this story started. Thanks!

“One of the wonderful things about doing a TV show…is you get to see characters grow over time,” Deschanel says when asked by a young fan about whether Christine helped Brennan connect more with people. “When you love someone deeply and you’re loved by them, you can change in wonderful ways…it’s been wonderful to play that and see a character change over time.” -


Emily just brought tears to my eyes. The way she speaks about Brennan is just so amazing. 

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7.01 and 702 titles

I believe they say “Orange Blossoms” for 7.01 and “Nothing But Blue Skies” for 7.02. Obviously, it’s not certain. Just what I think I can see.

UPDATE: Chris Long is the director of both episodes.

So…could it be a double ep, perhaps?

That’s what I think, too, double episode. Directed by Chris Long and I’m assuming written by Bruno Heller, who traditionally writes every beginning episode and every ending episode.

Why they just can’t tell us… :D

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